Music Recordings

We are so proud to officially release the Domme Song!

The first song professionally recorded and released from the show - A kinky, jovial, jazz anthem sung by a larger-than-life dominatrix convincing the world that sex work is fully empowering for her.

Do any of your friends have any annoying opinions on sex work? Maybe this could convince them…

Thank you to everyone for being a part of writing, creating and recording this. We are so excited for how well this turned out - next stop a music video!

Listen now on

All proceeds go to paying the artists involved and raising money for the 2017 Sex Worker’s Opera UK tour!

Put on your latex, grab a flogger and sing along! Unfortunately Puppy subs are not included.


Lyrics Helen Bellringer & Alex Etchart
Music composed and arranged by Alex Etchart

Thanks to Roddy Skeaping & Jan Lee
for developing it during our first ever run

Performed by
Charlotte Rose, Siobhan Knox, Jordan Busson,
Ed Bayes (Piano), Violeta Garcia (Violin)
Alex Etchart (Clarinet) and Isabel Becker (Cello)

Produced by Rob Wingfield

Artwork 'Rosalind' Photography by Vera Rodriguez -

Our gratitude goes to all the performers
And especially to Rob for coming to our musical rescue
And doing a brilliant job of recording, mixing and mastering!

© Experimental Experience 2016

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Photo: Top Right, 'Hug' by Manu Valcarce
'Rosalind' violin/rose image by Vera Rodriguez
for other credits click here.
© Experimental Experience 2024 Photo of our cast hugging from the 2014 teaser performance at Bar Wotever at the Vauxhall Tavern